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Manga Box is an app that lets you read lots of free manga right on your Android. It's important to keep in mind that Manga Box isn't an app for downloading translated manga (for those who prefer this). That means you won't find hundreds of different titles ready to be downloaded with just a click. Manga Box is a publication that offers several different mangas written by popular authors.

Once you start reading a manga the app works exactly as you might expect: to turn the pages you just slide your finger from one side of the screen to the other; you can change the brightness on the upper part of the screen; and you can simply click on one of the pages to quickly access the table of contents.

Manga Box is an interesting app for reading manga that lets you enjoy a bunch of great titles. That said, this app is NOT like Mango or Crunchyroll, which let you download hundreds of mangas. This is simply something different.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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